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Ward O.T. Equipments

Swab Rack

  • Approx size 137 H x 76 W x 46 DC,S frame work of SStubes mountedon 10 cm dia castor.
  • Eight rows with six hook in eachrow.
  • SStray fitted on bottomside.

Crash Cart

  • Overall  approx size 960 L x 500 Wx 1545 H mm frame work made of S S tubes two light
    weight polystyrene boxes each with three
    drawers upper drawer with medicine
    container of different size provision to hold
    oxygen cylinder made of M S massage board
    for cardiac patient are provided six number
    colour hand out small bins at eye level total
    three S S shelves with railing to carry medical
    equipment provided with S S I V rod, corner
    buffers the cart mounted on 125 mm dia
    castor 2 with brake also available in M S frame
    work laminated  shelves.

Instrument Trolley (3 Shelves)

  • Frame work made of 1″ x 18G vertical MS tubes.
  • Three 22G.S.Sshelves with three sides railing.
  • The trolley mounted on 100mm dia castros.
  • Finish : pre treated and epoxy powder coated.
  • A 24”x18”x32”, B 30”x18”x32”, C 36”x24”x32”.
  • Also available in S.S frame S.S sheet.

Instrument Trolley (2 Shelve)

  • Frame work made of 1″x18G vertical MS tubes.
  • Two 22G.S.Sshelves with three side railing.
  • The trolley mounted on 75/100mm dia castors.
  • Finish: pre treat and epoxy powder coated.
  • A 24″ x18″x 32″, B 30″x18″x 32″, C 36″x18″x32″.
  • Also available in SS frame and SS shelve.

Dressing Trolley

  • Approx. Size: 30″ x18″x 32″.
  • Frame work made of MS tubes.
  • Two S.Sshelves over with S.Srailing on all four side.
  • The trolley fitted S.S bucket and S.S bowl.
  • Finish: pre treated and epoxy Powder coated.
  • Also available in SSframe work andSS shelves.

Mayo's Instrument Troley with S.S. Tray

  • Rectangular CRCtube mounted on 5 cms castors, height adjustable by side knob.
  • Pre treated and epoxy powder coated finish.
  • Also available in S.Sframe Tray.
  • Tray size: S.S: 56L x 40 W cms.

Mayo's Table

  • Overall Approx. Traysize: 560mm Lx 400mmW
    Adjustable height of tray approx 760mm to
    1270mm through gear handle. frame work
    made of 50mm x 30mm x1.22mm rectangular
    MS Tube. Tray made of 0.9mm thick S.S.304
    Grade sheet. Table mounted on 50mm dia
    castors. finish: pre treated and apoxy powder
    coated. also available in SS frame work and SS

Instrument Mayo's Trolley over the O.T. Table (mechanical)

  • Approx Tray S.SSize: 82 Lx 50 W cms.
  • Frame work of CRCtubes mountedon 10cm castors.
  • Height adjustable by gear handle.
  • Epoxy powder coated.
  • Also available in S.Sframe Tray.

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