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Ward O.T. Equipments

Foot Step (Double Step)

  • Overall approx size: 46mm Lx 280mm W
    x 23mm H.
  • Step made of CRCAsheet.
  • Frame made of 1” x 18G CRCAtube fit ted with
  • Finish: epoxy powder coated.
  • Also available in complete S.S.

Kick Bowl Bucket

  • Approx S.Sbowl of 350mm dia SS bucket.
  • Frame work made of MS tubes.
  • Mounted on 75mm castors.
  • Finish: epoxy powder coated.
  • Also available in SSframe work and
    SS basin bucket.

Trolley for Oxygen Cylinder

  • Frame work made of CRC tube mounted on 10cm/15cm castors.
  • Epoxy powder coated
  • A for Btype cylinder.
  • B for Dtype cylinder.

Bed Side Screen
(4 Panel)

  • Overall approx. size: 1680H x 2450mm.
  • MS tubular construction made of 19mmx 18G in four section.
  • Legs made of 25mm x 18G fitted with 50mm dia castors.
  • each span 610mm vide.

Bed Side Screen (3 Panel)

  • Middle span 1210mm wide and Side span 610mm.

Saline Stand

  • Five legs base mounted on 5cm dia castors with one approx 35 cm dia.
  • S.S.basins vertical MStube mode of 25mm x 15G.
  • Basin holder MStube madeof 16mm x 18G.
  • Pre treated and epoxy powder coated.
  • Also available in SS vertical tube and SS basin holder.

Case History Trolley

  • Approx size 336 x 400 x850mm made of ABSmaterial single raw 20 layers with drawer
    3” castor.

Medicine Trolley with 4 Drawer

  • Frame work of MStubes mounted on 10cm castors.
  • Two SS shelves with three side railing on top shelf.
  • Two drawer under the each shelf.
  • Epoxy powder coated finish.
  • Overall approx size: 76L x 46W x 81H

Utility Trolley
(Two Shelves)

  • M.S frame work
  • S.Sshelves
  • One M.Sdrawer
  • 10cms castors

Medicine Trolley

Emergency Cart

Monitor Trolley

  • Overall approx size: 800mm Lx 600mm W x 1400mm H.
  • Four shelves and one drawer.
  • Trolley having two handle.
  • The trolley mounted on 125mmdia castor 2 with brakes.
  • Switch and socket for medical equipment.
  • Supplied with S.SIV rod and MS oxygen gas cylinder case.

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