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O.T. Table

Semi Electrical General Surgical Operation Table

Salient Features:-

  • Electric up down by Cable remote (Made in Taiwan).
  • Five section stainless steel top gives anatomic adoption to the patient body.
  • Built in Kidney Bridge and large perineal cut out for drainage.
  • All the operating positions including Proctology, Lithotomy, Chair, Flex, Reflex, Trendelenburg and Reverse  Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt etc. can be obtained from either side of the t able by working of different handles.

Technical Data:-

  • Length of Table : 1900 mm.
  • Width of Table Top : 520 mm.
  • Minimum Height (without Mattress) : Min. 750mm.
  • Minimum Height (without Mattress) : Max 1000 mm.
  • Trendelenburg : 25°.
  • Reverse Trendelenburg : 25°.
  • Lateral Tilt : ±20°.
  • Back Section : ±60°.
  • Head Section : ±60°.
  • Leg Section : 0°-90°.
  • Floor Locking System : Manual.


Ophthalmic Table

This Ophthalmic Table is specially designed for ophthalmic surgery. Three sectional table is provide with drainage system in the head section. The table has sturdy base, column made upto stainless steel, antibacterial and is easy to clean. Electro motive height and trendelenburg positions with the helps of lightweight handheld control unit.

Salient Features:-

  • Encentric Pillars.
  • Stainless Fitting.
  • Detachable, Head Leg Section.
  • Three Sectional Radio Translucent Top.
  • Base & cover made of attractive, easy to clean Stainless Steel.
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth, step less articulation of the table top for precise patient positioning.