Hospital beds Accessories manufacturer india hospital beds

Hospital beds Accessories manufacturer india

From N-F Lifting for bed, Bed elevator to X-Ray view box we are your solution provider. We offer best nature of beds according to customer requests and detail.

X-Ray Permeable Back Rest Pole-K

N-F Lifting

Bed Elevator

Balkan Beam Frame

Patient Case Sheet Holder

X-Ray View Box

Bed head panel

Monitor Stand

Matress For Hospital Beds

Mosquito Net Poles

  • Four vertical M.Stubes of 19mm,two longituedinal two transverse tube of 15.8mm
  • Knocked down condition
  • Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated

Beds Matress For Hospital Beds

I.V. Road hospital Bed

  • Telescopic type adjustable S.Sl VRod, Locked With Knob

Collapsible Side Railings

  • Made of MS/SShorizontal tubes fixed to aluminium alloy end brackets Easily detachable
  • Protactive Railing
  • Made of Aluminum tubes
  • Packing: 1 pair 0.022CBM
  • N.W : 6.4KGS
  • G.W : 7.0KGS