Operation Theatre Table

Operation Theatre Table


  • Hi TECH Medical moving towards a ‘Better patient care’ Better work environment through state of the art Electric control system (Finger tip control) in the latest operation tables, Modern Hospital Beds, New Design Emergency Recovery Trolley and many other patient care equipment at affordable price. Development of the Universal Electric Operation equipment at affordable price. Incorporates the requirement of all position for General surgery and certain special procedure. The Result A Genuine electric universal operating table -Flexible movements, Mobile, Radiolucent Top, Remote controlled, Designed for CARM.
  • The electrically positioned table column and inter changable head and leg section allow optimal use of the CARMIMAGE INTENSIFIER.
  • Movement controlled by the actuators to achieve smooth and efficient operation without any jerks.
  • Easy to re position the operation table, without any disturbance, demands no force, no physical stress to the operator.
  • Table is mounted on castor wheels with break. Head and leg section are inter changeable.
  • Base and column cover are made of S.S Steel to easy Cleaning.
  • Radio Translucent Top. S.S Steel Side rails with clamps accepts all standard accessories.

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