About Us

The parent organization Vishal Steel Products is a 36 years of old organization and the core organization from where everything began. From the start Vishal Steel just managed tempered steel cabinets and drawers however with sitting back the organization extended thus accomplished the work. With mix of top innovation, excellent materials and plan specialists, Chameza offers its clients driven arrangements in the entirety of our items. We centre around quality. Following 36 years of involvement working with both regular and particular material, by the most recent strategies and cutting edge innovation, our assembling group values its customary craftsmanship and scrupulousness. Chameza is focused on shielding the climate by utilizing material from a natural resource. Chameza, makes the lab furniture as per your necessities and requirement. We provide great and full consultant with respect to arranging, planning and real and last execution of the Laboratory. We are offering wide scope of lab furniture which is known for its smooth furniture, wonderful design and simple installation. Our furniture is applicable in laboratory, nursing homes, university labs, chemical industries. We have wide scope of lab furniture which incorporates, work divider table, hostile to vibration table, lab storage cupboard and sink unit. We have faith in quality that is the reason the material used in manufacture is of the best quality accessible in the market. |