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CHAMEZA GROUP didn’t happen overnight. it is a well thought, planned, drafted endeavour, initiated with a strong and lucid foresight, consumer mind set, Market understanding, Logistical planning, stimulating Ideas are some of our skillset that we don’t boast about. The only formula we believe in committed, fully dedicated, keep Positive attitude and just go all out in every endeavour . We started with a motto of enriching lives by transforming dreams and thoughts into beautiful reality  .

Our Vision

CHAMEZA is committed to deliver result with a vision for future with quality and truthful products and services we aim to provide unparalleled solutions in the domain of infrastructure, consulting and furniture to all our clients. It is our vision to given one stop solutions to our clients and serve them in any manner we can .

Our Mission

Enriching life by transforming our client’s dreams and thoughts in to a beautiful reality. We work on the values integrity, trust, to serve quality, respect and environment friendly . it’s  our  mission to build on our leadership position by combining data, technology and talent to create better results for clients around the world. It’s an Opportunity to excel on team that prizes excellence.

Hospital Furniture

Over the past several years we have successfully sought the most efficient, most proactive and most ethical solutions to our client’s needs, which brought us to a place of glory and laurels. iIn truth,  the dividing line between a good healthcare product and a great one is often subtle. But by holding ourselves to the most honourable  professional standards at any given time, we rather trust ourselves to be among the latter.


Laboratory Furniture

Chameza at the initial stages  just built basic furniture’s but with the passing time and the increasung opportunities in the wide range of streams available in the market, we decided to expand ourselves with different type of challenging works and tried to outgrow ourselves. We build both steel and wood laboratory furniture and accessories. As investments into research & development increased, Chameza Continued to introduce the new range of products. Through the decades, we grew organically and inorganically to expand its market share. Chameza also formed an enhanced dealer network to distribute the products throughout the country. A lot has changed in our 36 years of history, but not the original vision  to build a superior and good quality line of laboratory furniture, the best that we can offer our client . we have also expanded on our vision to become the leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture.




We’re building on our leadership position by combining data, technology and talent to create better results for our clients around the country. It’s an opportunity to excel on a team that prizes excellence.with combination of top technology, high quality materials and design experts, we offer customers centric solutions in all of our products. We focus on quality because we believe that the devil is always in the details .



Chemistry And     Microbiology Lab


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