Lab Furniture

Chameza is an exceptionally experienced organization in the lab furniture industry and furnishings. In Chameza we have various kinds of workbenches, for example, island seat, focus table, corner table, treated steel table, Our workbenches give to the college lab, modern lab, clinical lab, Research lab, and so on We have an alternate assortment of edge for a workbench that incorporate c-frame lab tables, Pedestal lab tables, h-frame lab tables, D frame lab tables. Chameza has been a Prominent Brand for Laboratory Furniture Manufacturing, Designing, Consultancy and Installation for Biggest of Laboratory Setups at across India. We have been quite possibly the Most Preferred Laboratory Furniture Manufacturer with End to End Solution for Laboratory Setup, Considering every one of the Norms and Regulations. Our degree incorporates, Project the board, Laboratory arranging, Turnkey research centres, Consulting, Lab Furniture, Fume Hoods, Cleanrooms, Gas Piping and Distribution System, Exhaust System, Fume Hoods, Electrical Services, Water Supply and Drain System, Flooring, False Ceiling, Partitioning.

Lab Furniture

Chemical Storage

Complete Solution

Manufaturing and Installation of Laboratory furniture

Chameza enterprises give all solution lab furniture. we design entire Lab projects first we give the customer a 3d view of their laboratory. If the customer approved we start the manufacturing lab. We have modern tools and utility that improve the quality. our designer makes a perfect plan according to customer requirements. According to plan our manufacturing team manufacture & install the laboratory. We are working in pan India so customers do not worry.

  • Fume Hoods
  • Lab partition
  • Chemical storage cabinets
  • Island table
  • Anti-vibration table
  • Instrument table
  • Working table

Why to choose us ?

First and foremost, we believe in delivering Quality and Durability. Chameza was found with the vision of providing one stop solution for Lab Equipment. All around experienced in designing and developing for perfect lab, experienced in the field of research centrefabricating and designing for over 36 years. Chameza is providing Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hoods, Working Tables, Instrument Benches, Anti-Vibration Tables, Wall Storage Cupboards, Chemicals Storage Cupboards etc to many Pharmaceutical, chemical, Research & Educational Institutions all over the country.





Lab Accessories We Provide


LAB Sink

Peg boards

Eye Wash

Water taps

Puf Partitioning

Lab Stool / Lab chair

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