Build and Design

With over 36 years of experience in the design and construction of laboratories, Chameza can now provide you with a full range of laboratory design and installation services from site supervision to conceptual design to turnkey installation.

Building on our longstanding expertise in ground plan and construction of laboratories, Chameza currently offers you the entire lab road map and installation solutions. Our services range from location superintendence to discussion and abstract design to full turnkey construction, involving ultimate confirmation.

We bring to the design a complete army categorising from Engineers, on to HVAC, Electrical, and Structural counsels to plan and manage the design. Further we apply our strong network of favoured native contractors and in- company labour to get to you a service that's adjustable in its path and well-conditioned enough to take advantage of being features of the installation. Our design team is largely educated and capable and well advisers.

Quality and trustability is a trademark of our lab arrangement and the admiration of our customers is attestation to our design and construction process. We've been a preferred option with clients due to our trustability and profound understanding of end user demand.


Turnkey Solution

Civil Interior Work

  • Workspace branding

  • False ceiling

  • Door and Windows

  • Painting

  • Partitions

  • Civil masonry works

  • Customized Carpentry

  • Flooring

  • Office modular furniture

  • Signages

  • Storage areas

  • Meeting and conference rooms



Electrical Work

  • Lighting

  • Miniature circuit breakers

  • Distribution panel

  • Phase and single phase supply

  • Cabeling

  • Power and control wiring

  • Trunking and conducting

  • Data and Voice service

  • Industrial socket for heavy load equipments

  • Painting

  • UPS and Main Electric panel

HVAC Scope

  • Activated carbon filters

  • VAV systems

  • Outdoor and Indoor units

  • Diffusers

  • GI Ducting for special environment

  • Supply and return ducts

  • AHU design and installation



Fire safety and PA system

  • CCTV and Surveillance

  • Public address system

  • Smoke detection system

  • Access control

  • Sprinklers

  • Fire alarm panel and Hooter system

Utility Piping

  • Artificial Steam production and disbursement System

  • purified Brume Pipeline

  • Compressed Air Pipeline

  • Drinkable Water pipe

  • Nitrogen Pipeline

  • Vacuum Pipeline

  • Stupefied/ Hot water Pipeline

  • Cleanroom Utility SS Pendants


Build Process

Authentication and AMC

Professional installation is required for trouble free and reliable operation. Chameza offers you a full installation service with every Fume Hood. Installation is carried out by skilled and trained technicians and includes blower installation, duct work – flexible pipes, elbows, weather caps etc. Our technicians and engineers can help you identify the right number of blowers as well as design and install complex clusters. Auto bypass and LCV system. Chameza was the first and still one of the few Indian companies to offer an annual maintenance contract after the end of the warranty period for the equipment supplied to us. Chameza devices will provide years of trouble-free use with preventive maintenance. AMC aims to ensure that equipment continues to meet original manufacturing standards and all controls to calibration standards. Annual maintenance is done by highly experienced professionals, who are extensively trained by us in the details of the equipment.