Welcome Chameza Enterprises

Chameza Enterprises is a new company which has gained immense goodwill across the globe through its metal and office furniture solutions, since 1989. Led by Mr. Kirit Panchal, Chameza Enterprises produces economical and superior office furniture, pharma products and laboratory solutions.

Chameza Enterprises is a young and responsive company which believes in expanding its capabilities in order to accelerate their journey and become a successful provider of office furniture, pharma products and laboratory solutions world-wide. We offer a large products portfolio which includes Industrial Products and Components, Pharmaceutical Products and Furniture, Laboratory Solutions, Modular Office Furniture, Institutional Furniture, Storage Solutions, Racking Solutions, Institutional Furniture, Turn – Key Services, Metal Fabrications and much more. A stronger presence in these areas will help us built a good brand image in domestic as well as international market.

Chameza Enterprises believes in acting as your reliable partner whether it is during space planning, fiscal programming, designing or any other stages of development. Chameza Enterprises is at your reach always. Our technical and managerial proficient team understands your requirements. They will help you choose right products, offer cost-effective solutions, related services and consultancy which suit your goal and requirement. This gives our company a competitive edge.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision:

To be a respected global organization that emphasize on providing quality products and solutions in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our Mission:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental
  • Bringing continuous innovation
  • Providing products and services of the highest quality
  • Building lasting relationships with customers
  • Ensuring profitable growth
  • Developing and retaining the best people

Our Product Range